The pandemic has created a sellers’ market in Ed-Tech. Utilizing technologies for remote learning, distance education and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic are evolving rapidly. Technological innovations like Virtual Reality (VR) in education, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 3D Printing / Modelling, Cloud Computing, Social Media Networking and other emerging technologies are making a significant impact on educational system worldwide. This session emphasizes on how technological innovation in Education will be embraced as a new normal and help institutions overcome this unexpected crisis.

Saturday, November 20

13:30Keynote Presentation: Revolutionizing education through technology: Democratizing digital learning for more personalized and immersive education, resulting in more automated schools.
13:45Panel: Panel: Enhancing data-driven insights: Adapting technologies including big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze in-depth individual personalization of content .
14:30On-stage Interview: On-stage interview with an EdTech company who has been driving technology in education. To be moderated by a well-known speaker.
14:50Case Study / Presentation: Boosting student engagement through gamification in education: Transforming the classroom environment to a game through creativity, collaboration and play to deepen student understanding of subject matter.
15:05Panel: Examining the trends in online learning, up skilling, employability, faculty empowerment, emerging skills and future of work to ensure children and youth are not deprived of opportunities for growth and development.
15:50Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition: Inviting leading education innovation EdTech startups to showcase their products and services to important stakeholders. A growth enabler program to identify and support the rising stars by connecting them to potential investors, partners and customers in the education and corporate sectors across USA
16:50Closing summary by Conference Chair
16:55End of Session and Day 2 Conference

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