Many U.S. banks are increasingly optimistic about the current economic outlook. Data privacy and monetization implications are keeping financial institutions agile and eager. The need for modern, scalable and resilient technology is the new imperative. Staying in line with the consumer’s growing reliance on mobile banking & payment solutions, the financial services industry is continue to invest in modern data, analytical tools and digital platforms. The need of the hour is to work together to create safer, cheaper & inclusive financial market.

Sunday, November 21

09:00Conference Registration
09:45Opening Remarks by Conference Chairperson
10:00Keynote Presentation: Reinventing the Bank-Accelerating Innovation to Drive Economic Recovery & Growth
10:15Keynote Address: Digitizing the Credit Process for Enhancing Revenue & Cost Savings
10:30Fireside Chat: Decentralization of Financial Systems: A Necessary Future or a Hyped Up Story
11:15Coffee & Networking Break
11:30Enhance the Customer Lifetime Value Through Connected Data
12:15BaaS – Optimizing Assets & Workloads by Providing Flexibility in Front-end & Backend Services
12:30The Impact of Crypto Payment Systems in the U.S Banking Industry
14:00AI in AP (Accounts Payable) – Reducing Errors while Improving Compliance
14:30Making Innovation Accessible: Way Forward for an Inclusive & Equitable Financial Future
15:00Panel Discussion: Accelerate Transformation in risk management function
15:30Closing Session: Lessons from the Pandemic – Strengthening Resilience & Accelerate Transformation in Digital Customer Engagement
16:00Closing Remarks by the Conference Chairperson & End of Track

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