Why Attend?

  • Align your brand to the new normal and dynamic consumer behaviors.
  • Engage with new startups, innovate business models and brand strategies to adapt to a changing market.
  • Expand and engage your network, share cognizance with fellow professionals.
  • Step-up your learning and develop an innovator’s talent, mindset and skillset.
  • Explore innovations presented by young innovators from schools/colleges/universities.
  • Develop innovation as core competency for individuals and enterprises.
  • Gain knowledge of competing in a transitional landscape of disruption and rapidly emerging technologies.
  • Associate with BBT the Innovation and Luxury Lifestyle Exhibition with more than 7000 affluent audience.
  • One of the foremost In-person innovation events in the region to kickoff as the pandemic stress ceases.

Benefits of Attending

  • Opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors to participate in high-stake panel sessions / pitch presentations.
  • Exhibit and demonstrate your innovation, a perfect platform for Startups to bring your ideas to spotlight through the Startup Showcase/Pitch Competition.
  • Exclusive opportunity for students to showcase their innovations and inventions.
  • Opportunity for investors and organizations to foster fresh and young talents through the Innovation By You (IBY) competition.
  • Develop a critical understanding of the latest marketing and innovation trends affecting your brand
  • Enhance your knowledge of latest tools, technologies and techniques leveraged by individuals and organizations
  • Connect with industry leaders, start-ups and mentors through organized one-to-one meetings


IoT & Emerging Technologies

Automobile & Micro Mobility

Banking & Financial Service


Education Technology

IoT in Healthcare

Job Titles

  • Chairman
  • President
  • Managing Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • VP Product Development
  • VP Research & Development
  • Innovation Directors & Managers
  • Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Head of Digital Marketing
    & Strategies
  • Head of Innovation
  • Investment Directors & Managers
  • Head of Change Management
  • Brand Director
  • Creative Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Technical Director
  • Students & Professors in the field
    of Innovation
  • Open Innovation Enthusiast
  • VP Product Innovation