The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Track will bring together Inclusion and Diversity professionals to share their insights on the future of work, on building a diverse workforce, and fostering an inclusive workplace culture driven by collaboration and interdependence.

Thursday, November 18

10:00Beyond token statements: Building diverse and inclusive organisations by design to achieve impact
10:20Innovating for people: Leveraging technology to architect diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • What technologies and solutions are D&I teams using at workplaces? How are D&I teams leveraging insights and data from these tools to architect culture in workplaces?
  • What does diversity and look like in a digital and hybrid workplace? How has technology transformed the way we work, and hire and retain talent?
  • How is technology supporting D&I teams on employee development, mentorship, and career management? How are these technologies supporting close the disparity between different groups in workplaces?
11:15Recognising and tackling unconscious biases and shaping behavioural inclusion
  • Individual to systemic or systemic to individuals – How do biases begin? How can organisations tackle this?
  • How can organisations implement behavioural and structural inclusion to prevent, mitigate, and counter biases, and build more diverse and inclusive teams?
  • The glass cliff phenomenon: Identifying causes and passive biases that lead to women and minority groups in precarious leadership positions
  • Recognising ageism biases and the business case for leveraging generational diversity
  • Moving towards a disability inclusive workforce: Evaluating where we are, and what needs to be done
12:15Race Matters: Driving and sustaining change through allyship
  • What does your business need to dismantle, reimagine, and start again from ground zero?
  • How can you eliminate bias in the hiring process? Is AI and Machine Learning a potential solution to counter race biases in hiring, retaining and promoting talent?
  • How can businesses measure and report progress on anti-racism initiatives across all levels of the workforce? Why is measurable impact imperative in driving and sustaining change?
  • Intentional allyship: Why it is imperative for allyship to be a top-bottom, long-term approach than a temporary fix, and why it is time to acknowledge that a one-size approach does not fit all
  • How can organisations drive sustainable change through internal and external partnerships?
13:00Lunch & Networking + Visit the Expo
14:15Fireside Chat: Making workplaces safe and affirmative for the LGBTQ community
  • From the floor to the boardroom: What challenges do LGBTQ members face at work?
  • Start the conversation: Understanding the legal, people, and cultural considerations for gender expression in workplaces
  • What are organisations doing to nurture more welcoming environments for the LGBTQ community? What more needs to be done?
14:45D&I Talks: Provoking Conversations that Matter
This session will follow the format of a TED Talk where three speakers will share their experiences in a 20-minute talk. Topics will evolve as speakers join the session, but the structure remains as below:

14:45 – 15:05: The magic of authenticity and vulnerability in workplaces

15:05 – 15:25: Exploring intersectionality and identity

15:25 – 15:45: The Power of Language: Reshaping the narrative to promote a workplace for all

15:45 – 16:15: Panel Q&A

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