Industry Focused Themes

Diversity & Inclusion

Thursday, 18 November

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion track will bring together Inclusion and Diversity professionals to share their insights on the future of work, on building diverse workforce,

Read more and fostering an inclusive workplace culture driven by collaboration and interdependence.

Innovation & Industry

Friday, 19 November

Building a robust infrastructure for a digitized world and embracing the latest technologies is imperative for any business to survive a competitive post-COVID-19 world. The Innovation &

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Industry 4.0 track brings together technology experts and enables discussions on the latest innovations Smart Manufacturing, Digital/Contactless Payments, Robotics and Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology and VR/AR Technologies.

Innovation & Healthcare

Saturday, 20 November

 The Innovation in Healthcare tracks together healthcare and medical leaders, and HealthTech and MedTech professionals to talk about the latest innovations in healthcare industry,
Read moreand leveraging technologies that enable better patient care, minimising operational costs, support breakthrough performance, and build an inclusive healthcare industry.

Innovation in Banking, Financial, Services & Insurance

Sunday, 21 November

The Banking and Financial Services Industry is recovering from the impact of the pandemic, and innovating rapidly.. Investments in smart banking
Read moretechnologies, blockchain technologies, and renewed customer experience models are on a surge. The Innovation in Banking and Financial Services track brings together CFOs, COOs, and FinTech leaders on a global platform to address the most pressing challenges, and to collaborate on building the next-generation banking experience.