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Building a robust infrastructure for a digitized world and embracing latest technologies are imperative for any business to survive a competitive post-COVID-19 world. The Innovation & Industry 4.0 track brings together technology experts and enables discussions on the latest innovations Smart Manufacturing, Digital/Contactless Payments, Robotics and Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology and VR/AR Technologies.

09:00 Delegate Registration and Tea
09:45 Opening Remarks by Conference Chairperson
10:00 - 10:15

Welcome Keynote

Speaker: Mayor Carolyn Goodman, City of Las Vegas
10:15 - 10:30 Opening Keynote Presentation: Leveraging the American Free Market System to Drive Innovation   Speaker: Joseph Amato, District Director, Nevada, U.S Small Business Administration (SBA)
10:30 - 10:50

Keynote Address: Harnessing the Power of Technology to Enhance Efficiency and Improve Processes, Customer Experiences and Productivity

Speaker: Michael Lee Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas
10:50 - 11:10

Presentation: Shaping the Sustainable Organization - How responsible leaders create lasting value and equitable impact for all stakeholders

Speaker: Amb. Manna Dabholkar, CEO GIFT Global Initiative, Global Representative The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi Goodwill Ambassador, USA
11:10 - 11:15 Session introduction
11:15 - 11:30 Presentation: Logistics on the move
  • Selected Historic Innovations in the Logistics and Transportation Industry
  • The great acceleration trends in the Transportation and Logistic Industry
  • Selected technology with potential to create a mayor shift in the Logistic and Transportation Industry
  • The L&T Industry is facing present challenges
Speaker: Guido Gries, Logistic Expert & Advisor, Formerly Senior Vice President, DHL , Formerly Senior Vice President, DHL
11:30 - 12:00

Fireside Chat: Delivering Measurable and Scalable Impact in Manufacturing

Speaker: Dean L. Bartles, Chief Executive Officer & President, Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group
Speaker: Guido Gries, Logistic Expert & Advisor, Formerly Senior Vice President, DHL , Formerly Senior Vice President, DHL
Curator: Nissim Ezekiel, Co-Founder, Nevada Innovation Center LLC
12:00 - 12:05 Session Introduction
12:05 - 12:30 Presentation: Implementing Mobile Automation In Supply Chain Operations
  • Discussing the benefits of application scoping and evaluation process
  • Importance of Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) & Mobile Supply Chain Management
  • How Mobile Robots Benefit Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Operation
  • Challenges faced by Companies in implementing Autonomous Mobile Robotics?
Justin M. Ha, Sr. Director of Solutions Design, DHL Supply Chain
12:30 - 13:00 Presentation: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – New Skills for the New Normal
  • Understanding the pressing issues disrupting global supply chains
  • Identifying the critical skills required to ensure efficiency of supply
  • Embracing new ways of working with crititcal skills and competencies
Cheron Lessmeister, Business Development Manager, CIPS Americas
13:00 - 13:30 Presentation: Black Fire: An Academic Approach to University-Driven Innovation
Speaker: Dr. Bo Bernhard, Vice President- Economic Development, University of Nevada (UNLV), & Executive Director, UNLV International Gaming Institute
13:30 - 14:00 Networking Luncheon
14:00 - 14:05 Session Introduction
14:05 - 14:45 Opening Panel: Responsible Innovation: Who does the Onus Lie With?
  • Using autonomous robots to drive supply chain innovation
  • Where does responsibility in innovation begin? Is commercial innovation with social benefits realistically possible?
  • Fuelling the ecosystem: How can businesses create a holistic responsible innovation strategy that can be applicable across the entire value chain from shareholders to employees to end customers?
  • Impact of Industry 4.0 on the labour market: Experts anticipate over 800 million jobs to disappear by 2030 as a result of automation. How can organisations and governments support the workforce to adapt to a rapidly evolving world?
Moderator: Nissim Ezekiel, Co-Founder, Nevada Innovation Center LLC
Panelist: Dr. Dale L. Moore, Founder and President, The Moore Group LLC, Member, St. Mary's County Economic Development Commission
Panelist: Johnny Ivanyi, Global Head of Distribution Excellence, Bayer Panelist: Gonzalo Lopez-Polin, Director-Supply Chain, Saint Gobain
Panelist: Kimberly Daniels, CEO, Mercantile Logistics & International Trade, Inc.
14:45 - 15:15 Presentation: Innovation & Economic Development: A Case Study of Nevada
  • Innovation is rapidly diversifying the Nevada economy and making it a preferred destination for both U.S. and global high-tech companies to test and deploy breakthrough technologies to facilitate economic development
  • The ongoing experience, with establishing the State of Nevada as an important counterpart for pilot projects and commercial deployment of Israeli technology as a showcase and entry point for the broader U.S. market, illustrates this trend
Speaker: Nissim Ezekiel, Co-Founder, Nevada Innovation Center LLC
Co-Speaker: Michael Saltman, President, Vista Group & Co-Founder Nevada Innovation Center LLC
15:15 - 15:35 Presentation: How Technology Can Ensure Our Future Capabilities   Speaker: Kimberly Daniels, CEO , Mercantile Logistics & International Trade, Inc.
15:35 - 15:40 Session Introduction
15:40 - 16:00 Presentation: Ensuring alignment of the organization and prioritization of tactical objectives through an effective S&OP process.
  • The voyage to resilient, sustainable and autonomous supply chains
  • Accelerating Sustainable Manufacturing in the COVID-19 Era
  • Highlighting the Importance of Eco-Friendly Supply Chain Practices: Sustainability
Speaker: Gonzalo Lopez-Polin, Director-Supply Chain, Saint Gobain
16:00 - 16:30 Presentation: The E-Commerce Hangover: Returns and Reverse Logistics
  • Leveraging AI to improve material and free cash flow across the end-to-end supply chain
  • RPA and AI strengthen weak links in supply chain workflows
  • How is RPA different from automation
Speaker: Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director, Reverse Logistics
16:30 - 16:50 Presentation: Supply Chain Digitalization: Has Business Innovation in the Supply Chain Flourished Over the Last Few Years?
  • Potential challenges of digitising supply chain
  • How digitization makes the supply chain more efficient, agile, and customer-focused
Speaker: Philippe Reale, Vice President-Global Supply Chain, formerly at Baxter, Pepsico.
16:50 - 17:00 Closing Remarks by the Conference Chairperson & End of Conference Track 1
09:00 - 16:00
Las Vegas


Moving towards making healthcare work as a universal human right in America, billions of dollars are funneling into digital health despite a public health emergency. There is an evident growth of digitization in healthcare. Blockchain and cloud computing technologies have proven as a boon for clinical data collection, storage, and exchange. As new standards and technologies have taken center stage, the biggest emerging trend is the – Health App Economy. Innovators & business decision makers are coming together in the pursuit of digital transformation.

09:00 Conference Registration
09:45 Opening Remarks by Conference Chairperson
10:00 Keynote Presentation: The Rise of Growth in Healthcare Innovation during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Learning from the rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis when innovating in future
  • Demonstrating the ability to bring new products to market quickly
  • Growing health demands and macroeconomic challenges
  • Rapidly accelerating and scaling medical innovations
Speaker: Heitham Hassoun, Vice President & Medical Director, Cedars-Sinai
10:30 Healthcare Ecosystems of the Future: The Next Wave of Healthcare Innovation
  • Data and ecosystems are the future of healthcare
  • Shifting demographics, rising consumer expectations, technological innovations, and limited legacy health infrastructure: Rapid healthcare change
  • Reimagining healthcare delivery and management: Consumer-centric digital health ecosystems
  • Health’s new future: Can the healthcare ecosystem sustain the virtual health revolution
Speaker: Daniel Corliss, President & Founding Partner, DC Advisory LLC & Business Stimulus Partners
11:00 Coffee & Networking Break
11:15 Healthcare Leadership Innovation: Driven by Compassion – 8 Values for Successful Servant Leadership
  • Reviewing the 8 values including real life stories from healthcare CEO’s to supervisors
  • Increasing positive employee engagement to improve productivity and organizational results: Both financially as well as employee and patient satisfaction
  • Most importantly, it is the “right thing to” when providing leadership in today’s complicated and stressful healthcare environment
Speaker: David M. Zechman, President, The Zechman Group
11:45 Where’s the Money: Funding for Healthcare Innovation
  • The role of innovative financing mechanisms for health
  • Trends in Health tech investments: Funding the future of health
  • Healthtech in the fast lane: What is fueling investor excitement?
  • Upcoming challenges and future of innovative financing mechanisms
Speaker: Jason Frame, Chief Information Officer, Southern Nevada Health District
12:15 Technology Innovation and Commercialization of mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines Speaker: Dr. Dushyant Varshney, Chief Technology Officer, Arcturus Therapeutics
12:45 Luncheon
13:45-15:30 Societal Innovation: How to Make Healthcare Inclusive & Affordable for All?
  • Empowering and supporting independent practices & practitioners along with empowering patients by making healthcare more affordable
  • Ensuring small healthcare organizations remain open and viable: Continuing to reach vulnerable population and reduce disruptions in their care
  • Providing guidance and support to independent physicians and practices: Return to the core of medicine as opposed to the business of medicine
Speaker: Ava Navarro, President, Healthcare Sustainability & Relief Effort
14:15 What does it Mean to Say “Western Style Medicine is Going to be Getting a Very Large Evaluation and What is the Realness?”
  • What are the new innovations that are simple, non-evasive, and healthy - Don’t destroy immune systems, and beef up immune systems
  • Alternative medications: Meditation, yoga, scalar energy frequency, eating well, the design of our homes and alignment with stones
  • How should someone get started if they want to look at their home space and how it gives and takes energy
Speaker: Michal Mael, Spiritual Mentor, Energy & Rock Positioning Expert, Speaker, Author, CEO, Michal & Company, INC
15:15 Coffee & Networking Break
16:00 Bio-Hacking to Hyper-Health through Quantum Physics
  • Reverse Aging and Dis-ease while You Sleep!
  • DNA /Cellular Regeneration and Activation of Stem Cells
  • 'Tesla' Technology for Energy Enhancement, Performance, and Healing
  • Applied Integrative Biophysics to Recharge Your Body, Environment, and Products so You Stay Strong
Speaker: Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, EESystem Inventor & Founder, Energy Enhancement System LLC
16:30 The Most Important Issues in the World Today: Education, Economy, COVID and the “Metaverse”
  • Covering recent little-known military neuroscience achievements substantive to the “Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • What politicians and analysts refer to as the “Deep State”
Speaker: Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz,President, Medical Veritas International
17:10 Closing Remarks by the Conference Chairperson & End of Conference Track 2

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