08:00 - 16:45
Las Vegas


THEME- Let’s Talk Tech – An in-depth expedition into cutting edge emerging technologies.Building a robust infrastructure for a digitized world and embracing latest technologies are imperative for any business to survive a competitive post-COVID-19 world. This session focuses on latest innovations in: Digital/Contactless Payments; Robotics and Drones; Telehealth; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Cloud Computing; 5G Networks and Information & Communications Technology (ICT); Cybersecurity; Blockchain Technology and VR/AR Technologies
08:30Opening remarks by Conference Chairman
08:40Welcome remarks by Senior Executive, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)
08:50Opening Keynote address: Leveraging the American free market system to unleash discoveries and innovation by providing scientists, inventors, techpreneurs and entrepreneurs a cornerstone to achieve their full potential

Confirmed Keynote Speaker
Joseph Amato, District Director, Nevada, U.S Small Business Administration (SBA)
09:05Keynote: Applying technology to improve efficiencies, process improvement, customer experiences and productivity in government sectors

Invited Keynote Speaker
Michael Lee Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas
09:20Opening Panel: Encouraging responsible innovation to protect consumers, investors and small businesses through potent policies, regulations and law harmonizing to the current changing market perspectives

Nissim Ezekiel , Co-Founder Nevada Innovation Center LLC
10:00Case Study / Presentation: Data analytics role for intelligent decision making. Understanding its role to optimize business efficiency and intelligence.

10:15Refreshment Break
10:35FIRESIDE CHAT: On-stage interview with a popular business stalwart / industry veteran. To be moderated by a well-known speaker/media.
10:55Panel: Innovations and IT without security – A road to disaster! Case studies and latest innovations in cyber security solutions. Building end to end secured and encrypted digital infrastructure.
11:35Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition: Inviting startups, innovators, past & new exhibitors and disruptors to showcase their technologies and business ideas to investors, corporates and industry leaders. A platform to introduce and launch new products and solutions.
12:35Presentation: : ISO 56000/56002/ISO 56003/ISO/TR 56004/ISO 56005 - Integrating the Innovation Management Package for innovation process at an organizational grade

Dr. Brett Trusko,Founder, President, International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)
12:50High Tea Break
13:05Panel: Being future ready: The rise of AI- Masterpiece of enterprise innovation? Understanding integration strategies and infrastructure requirements. Underlying opportunities, advancements, and challenges.
13:25Presentation: Is Robotic Process Automation a 2-way lane towards Return on investment?
13:45Presentation: How is Internet of Things (IoT) becoming Internet of Everything? Importance, implications, and cross vertical role. From enterprise to (SMART) cities how is it making everything better?
14:05Panel:Women in Technology and Innovation: Enhancing the innovation quotient for defining a better future
14:45Closing summary by Conference Chair
14:50End of Day 1 Conference and Lunch
08:00 - 12:20
Las Vegas


THEME- A chase for cleaner, smarter, and efficient commute era. Automotive industry has always been most dynamic and fierce when it comes to innovations. The blitz of Covid-19 made automakers suffer with challenging first half of 2020, slightly lifted by a more buoyant Q3. Global terminations abrupted production and supply chains were dislocated. Despite a tuff 2020, the next decade will be one of its biggest yet for automotive since city authorities are striving hard to resolve traffic pain points, congestion problems and accidents and people are always hunting for better, comfortable, and sometime luxurious experience. The year hence gave automakers the prospect to reposition themselves as they emerge from the crisis on a new path towards electrification and connectivity. This session will also bring together the great minds from OEMS, ride sharing verticals, component suppliers, innovators, disruptors, startups, and investors to come together and scrutinize current market state and drive innovations which are agile.
08:00Registration for Day 2 Sessions.
08:30Welcome remarks by Conference Chairman.
08:35Keynote Presentation: Time travel – How will automobile industry look like in near future? Innovations igniting the mobility value chain.
08:50Panel: Diversification of business models. The rise of intermodal transport, shared ownership including subscriptions services, transportation on demand and more
09:30Presentation: Connected Car - IoT as ultimate answer to issue of congestion to Intelligent Transport System to convenient ride booking by passengers- A deep dive - Vehicle to vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle to pedestrians (V2P), Vehicle to network (V2N)
09:45FIRE SIDE CHAT: On-stage interview with a prominent Micromobility / Ride share operator in North America
10:00Refreshment Break
10:30Panel: Far and Fast - Electrifying the mobility ecosystem with innovations to boost passenger comfort and increase driving range. Analyzing the impact of its introduction in short term commute by ride sharing companies. Developing the EV Charging Infrastructure of today and tomorrow.
11:10Presentation: The Autonomous vehicle: Road to Zero-Fatalities. How can we bridge the gap between human and robotic capabilities? Considering regulatory & legal compliance, best practices of implementation and sensor Integration.
11:25Presentation: Virtual Showroom - The Future of Automotive Retail: How AR/VR will give rise to immersive experience to consumers. The power of AI to automate the consumer buying process.
11:40Presentation:The role of telecom providers to provide rapid, reliable and ubiquitous connectivity that enables the development of next-gen automotive solutions.
11:55Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition:Inviting micro mobility startups functioning in the range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) mobility solutions and shared mobility to showcase their latest technologies, products and services
12:55Remarks by Conference Chairman
12:20End of Session 2 | Lunch Break
13:30 - 16:55
Los Angeles

Innovation in Education Technology

THEME-Crafting Personalized, flexible, and Immersive learning experience. The pandemic has created a sellers’ market in Ed-Tech. Utilizing technologies for remote learning, distance education and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic are evolving rapidly. Technological innovations like Virtual Reality (VR) in education, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 3D Printing / Modelling, Cloud Computing, Social Media Networking and other emerging technologies are making a significant impact on educational system worldwide. This session emphasizes on how technological innovation in Education will be embraced as a new normal and help institutions overcome this unexpected crisis.
13:30Keynote Presentation: Revolutionizing education through technology: Democratizing digital learning for more personalized and immersive education, resulting in more automated schools. The strategies and infrastructure requirement for smooth transition towards seamless eLearning experience.
13:45Panel: Curriculum as Community- User-Generated Content (UGC) AS GAME CHANGER? Fundamental practices, tools and technologies to standardizes the way in which Learning courses are curated and launched.
14:30On-stage Interview: On-stage interview with an EdTech company who has been driving technology in education. To be moderated by a well-known speaker.
14:50Presentation: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) from sourcing to types to tech and security requirements and more. Learn how LMS can go beyond static course management systems to Integrated, Result-Oriented L&D Environment and even manage employee performance, collaboration, and communication.
15:05Presentation: Who said learning can’t be fun? - The rise of gamification –Improving engagement, motivation and retention levels in learner whilst keeping learning managers determine their content for future courses
15:20Presentation: Learning Analytics to boost your ROI –The emergent role of data in education system to track learning experience and provide a useful learning path which is more adaptable and personalized.
15:35Presentation: Know your students - Adaptive learning in AI (machine brain) as a disruptive tool for modern learning and development (L&D). How it can offer contextual support and continuous learning?
15:50Presentation: Designing immersive experience using AR/VR- The role of intriguing 360-degree images, real interactions, videos and graphics to bridge the gap between textual and visual world
16:00Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition: : Inviting leading education innovation EdTech startups to showcase their products and services to important stakeholders. A growth enabler program to identify and support the rising stars by connecting them to potential investors, partners and customers in the education and corporate sectors across USA
17:00Closing summary by Conference Chair
17:05End of Session and Day 2 Conference
08:00 - 12:20
Las Vegas

Tech Innovations in Banking and Financial Services

THEME-Crafting Personalized, flexible, and Immersive learning experience. Finance ministries, regulatory bodies, monetary authorities, banking and finance sector worldwide are orienting technology as a paramount of all strategies to mitigate the economic impact of the corona virus pandemic. Investments in technologies are on a surge by financial institutions, despite cost-cutting during the pandemic. 32% of US finance leaders say their tech-related spend was driven by growth. This distinct session will highlight key elements that connect tech-leaders and CFOs to see a positive indication for the future of FinTech.
08:00Registration for Day 3 Sessions.
08:30Welcome remarks by Conference Chairman.
08:35Keynote Presentation: Accelerating innovation investments for rapid digital implementation to drive economic recovery and growth; Shifting to an agile mindset to rebuild a post pandemic future.
08:50Panel: CIO’s Power Table: CIOs from the BFSI sector to discuss smart banking processes, next generation digital strategies for building a future ready financial services ecosystem. A few challenges in focus:
  • Deploying a digital migration roadmap for sales and service without incurring undue cyber or AML/KYC risks.
  • Credit Management: Implementing credit analytics expertise to understand chain-reaction effects. Use of AI and RPA to increase capacity to deal with rapidly increasing volumes of delinquent accounts.
  • Creating data-driven approach to new credit extension.
  • Crisis Management: Deploying technologies for new lending, refinancing, trading volumes, settlements, collateral/margin maintenance, business continuity planning, cybersecurity and anti-fraud.
  • How to evolve the banking industry with technology as “core competency” with enterprise-wide engagement.
09:35Case Study / Presentation: Analyzing the future of customer experience in financial services under unprecedented disruption. Servicing consumers devastated by the pandemic with empathy, digital experience and virtualized customer care.
09:50On-stage Interview: On-stage interview with a renowned Tech Guru.
10:10Refreshment Break.
10:30Panel: Inducing Digital Workforce to Banking and Financial Services: Reducing operational costs and compliance risks. Streamlining customer onboarding and loan processing to simplifying regulatory reporting and complex processes at rapid speed using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
11:15Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition: Inviting Banks, Financial Institutions, FinTechs, RegTechs, InsurTechs, Startups and Investors to showcase their latest technologies, business ideas and game-changing offerings.
12:15Remarks by Conference Chairman
12:20End of Session 4 | Lunch Break
13:20 - 16:55
Los Angeles

Innovation in Healthcare

THEME-The rise of Digital health ecosystem. Global Internet of things (IoT) healthcare market is set to witness a healthy CAGR of 29.65% forecast to 2026. As the pandemic continues, a rapid adoption of telehealth and remote care shows that the technology system is bolstering. The healthcare ecosystem across the world is actively leveraging technologies like cloud computing and AI to develop products and solutions. This session brings to spotlight the latest innovations in healthcare that can enable breakthrough performance and how MedTech can be used for manufacturing smart low-cost devices, build remote consultation platforms, monitoring health wearables and standardizing diagnostics.
13:30Keynote Presentation: : Telehealth for Remote consultation: Inclusive Healthcare Innovation - Breakthrough in Medical Innovation: Scrutinizing how healthcare leaders are driving new digital technologies, tools, and strategies for virtual and collaborative care.
13:45Panel: Protecting sensitive patient data in the digital age. Compliance, regulation, complexities, and upskilling.
14:25Case Study / Presentation: Driving innovation in diagnostics, inpatient monitoring, hospital operations, clinical informatics and medication management and more using data analytics.
14:40Presentatiion: Healthcare wearable and sensors for a more proactive approach to treatment, diagnosis and in accessing real-time data and improve the quality and efficiency of treatments
14:55On-stage Interview: On-stage interview with a prominent MedTech expert
15:10Panel: The ethical AI – Harnessing the power of robotics to maintain businesses efficiency and reduce operational costs. Understanding opportunities and underlaying challenges.
15:50Presentation: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): From Real-time monitoring and remote medical assistance via connected devices to End-to-end connectivity and affordability, Data assortment and analysis, Tracking and alerts. What all this technology have in bag for medical fraternity.
16:05Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition: Increase your brand exposure, launch new products & services and showcase your innovative business models, product breakthroughs, and digital initiatives that are transforming health care through this exclusive showcase session.
17:05BBTIS2021 Startup Showcase, Pitch Competition and IBY Awards Ceremony
17:10Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:15End of Session 5 and close of BBTIS2021