Exosapien Technologies, Canada

It’s been a lot of fun, actually. It’s a small compact show, but it has really high calibre of exhibitors and the audience is super enthusiastic. We’ve been able to relate directly to a lot of the audience. I would describe Big Boys Toys as a place to see innovation, to see novelty & new stuff. The cool thing about it isn’t so much that everything is exotic and expensive and inaccessible, it’s that what’s being showcased here is cutting edge which usually is expensive, but that’s really not the main theme. The theme is igniting the imagination and seeing things that you didn’t think were ever going to make it from the drawing board into reality.


Combat Motors, USA

It’s been wonderful. I’ve enjoyed the crowd that’s been coming through. We’ve had a lot of attention at our site, and I’ve seen so many other vendors with a lot of people in their booths as well. Big Boys Toys is the Sears catalogue for the distinguished person. Anything that you want, that would be a toy that’s not in everyone’s reach. Come on over to the Big Boys Toys and you’ll find it

Barron Games, USA

This is my first time at Big Boy Toys, either as an exhibitor or an attendee. We do probably 15 shows a year, and coming out to do something that’s completely different than what we normally do is a good experience. Educating the customers and the clients on different products that are available in their homes. I think it was a great exposure to have that.

Mattracks, USA

This is a really great show. It has a lot of great products, unique products. It has a unique clientele, so we’re hoping to make a bunch of sales.

Opener Aero/ BlackFly, USA

So it’s been a lot of fun to be at this event. So far, we’ve definitely had access to a lot of very cool, unique people that are out here in Vegas. Some have even flown to see our company Opener, and it’s been really great. I’ve been working a lot on our simulation chair, which we have, which is all about showing people exactly what it’s like to fly in our vehicle called a black fly. Top of that, I’m going to see some pretty unique, luxurious items that I definitely am not privy to in my normal life. I’m stationed right next to the Exosapien human movement thing, which kind of reminds me of an Avatar almost, that movie. It’s pretty cool. It’s definitely some unique, innovative toys, I guess possibly is the word. But more than that, they’re very unique creations and innovative creations.

D’oro Collection, Italy

Many interested people and Interesting people as well. And I found a lot of nice products around me. If I have to describe the convention, it is various different categories of products. So it is really colored because you can find something which belongs to the luxury market,  something belonging to the pure men’s, let’s say games. You can find campers, you can find drones, airplanes, robots. So really you can find everything.

CFC Volante Aircar, USA

I love the fact that everyone can bring all their goods and show them off to the general public. We have a great time showing our vehicle here. It’s really Big Boys Toys and America’s Real Deal, that are helping us get the traction we need with the investors to raise private equity and crowdfunding to be able to bring our vehicle to the market.


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