Dr. Dale L. Moore

Founder and President, The Moore Group LLC, Member, St. Mary's County Economic Development Commission

Dr. Moore is the Founder and President of The Moore Group LLC, a start-up focused on helping clients develop and implement organizational strategy including innovation, learning and transformation initiatives that enable game-changing outcomes for 21st Century competitiveness.  He is currently supporting strategy efforts for a Major DOD Acquisition Program, the NDAA 2020 National Energetic Materials and Systems Study, International Program Engagements, and is serving as Chief Strategist and Board of Directors Member for the International Association of Innovation Professionals, The Patuxent Partnership Board of Directors, the St. Mary’s County Economic Development Commission, and a variety of corporate, non-profit and government advisory initiatives.

He has served over 37 years supporting the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense (DoD) including as the Director, Strategy and Innovation, DASN(RDTE) where he led the development and deployment of the Department of the Navy’s (DON) 30 Year Research and Development Plan and the DON Strategic Thinking Community of Interest, was a SECNAV Navy Innovation Advisory Council (NIAC) Fellow, and served as a plank owner for the ASN RDA Agility Campaign leading efforts for Education and Training, Cultural Assessment and Change, and Strategic Communication.

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