Building a robust infrastructure for a digitized world and embracing latest technologies are imperative for any business to survive a competitive post-COVID-19 world. The Innovation & Industry 4.0 track brings together technology experts and enables discussions on the latest innovations Smart Manufacturing, Digital/Contactless Payments, Robotics and Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology and VR/AR Technologies.

Friday, November 19

09:00Conference Registration
09:45Opening Remarks by Conference Chairperson
10:00Opening Keynote Presentation: Leveraging the American Free Market System to Drive Innovation

Speaker: Joseph Amato, District Director, Nevada, U.S Small Business Administration (SBA)
10:15Keynote Address: Harnessing the Power of Technology to Enhance Efficiency and Improve Processes, Customer Experiences and Productivity

Speaker: Michael Lee Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas
10:30Fireside Chat: Delivering Measurable and Scalable Impact in Manufacturing

Panelists: Dean L. Bartles, Chief Executive Officer & President, Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group
11:15Coffee & Networking Break
11:30Opening Panel: Responsible Innovation: Who does the Onus Lie With?

Panelist: Nissim Ezekiel, Co-Founder, Nevada Innovation Center LLC
12:15Integrating the Innovation Management Package at an Organizational Grade: ISO 56000/56002/ISO 56003/ISO/TR 56004/ISO 56005

Speaker: Dr. Brett Trusko, Founder, President, International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)
12:30Exploring Industry 4.0 Technologies and their Potential Impact for Enabling Digital Supply Networks in Manufacturing
14:00Supply Chain Innovation: What does it mean to be Innovative?
14:30Supply Chain Digitalization: Has Business Innovation in the Supply Chain Flourished Over the Last Few Years?
15:00Highlighting the Importance of Eco-Friendly Supply Chain Practices: Sustainability
15:30Closing Session: Big Data Analytics and Supply Chain Logistics: Determining Customer Preferences and Market Trends
16:00Closing Remarks by the Conference Chairperson & End of Conference Track 1

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