Building a robust infrastructure for a digitized world and embracing latest technologies are imperative for any business to survive a competitive post-COVID-19 world. This session focuses on latest innovations in: Digital/Contactless Payments; Robotics and Drones; Telehealth; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Cloud Computing; 5G Networks and Information & Communications Technology (ICT); Cybersecurity; Blockchain Technology and VR/AR Technologies.

Friday, November 19

08:30Opening remarks by Conference Chairman
08:40Welcome remarks by Senior Executive, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)
08:50Opening Keynote address: Leveraging the American free market system to unleash discoveries and innovation by providing scientists, inventors, techpreneurs and entrepreneurs a cornerstone to achieve their full potential
Confirmed Keynote Speaker
Joseph Amato, District Director, Nevada, U.S Small Business Administration (SBA)
09:05Keynote: Applying technology to improve efficiencies, process improvement, customer experiences, and productivity in government sectors

Invited Keynote Speaker
Michael Lee Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas
09:20Opening Panel: Encouraging responsible innovation to protect consumers, investors, and small businesses through potent policies, regulations and law harmonizing to the current changing market perspectives
10:05Case Study / Presentation: Assessing the short-term and long-term ramifications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Will sparking new innovations be the demand for Industry 4.0?

Automation boom post Covid-19: Are organizations envisioning machines to be more reliable than human workforce?
10:25Refreshment Break
10:45Keynote On-Stage Interview: On-stage interview with a popular business stalwart / industry veteran. To be moderated by a well-known speaker.
11:05Panel: Women in Technology and Innovation: Enhancing the innovation quotient for defining a better future.
11:50Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition: Inviting startups, innovators, past & new exhibitors and disruptors to showcase their technologies and business ideas to investors, corporates and industry leaders. A platform to introduce and launch new products and solutions.
12:50Lunch Break
13:30Presentation: Reimagining new ways of satisfying consumer expectations through Digital Business Transformation. Analyzing the forces such as digital customer behaviors, IT modernization, business models, culture & societal changes which are causing companies to rethink their business operations
13:45Panel: Being future ready : Accelerating use of AI, ML and cloud solutions for maximum business impact and deriving measurable business value from your organization’s information assets
14:30Presentation: Rethinking automation strategy and combining Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate complex business processes
14:50Panel:5G for Business Innovation Collaborating innovators and industries to accelerate 5G business transformation. Understanding the role of open network technologies in 5G its expectation and requirements
15:35Panel: Utilizing IoT and emerging technologies into smart solutions for Smart Cities. Utilizing three main technologies, “Data Collection; Service Application; Storage & Analysis” by encircling IoT, Cloud Technologies, 5G, Aerospatial and Blockchain technologies
16:20Presentation: Assessing the requirement for advanced cyber security solutions for the rising adoption of IoT, ML, Big Data, e-commerce platforms and Cloud Computing backed by Analytics as a Service (AaaS). Identifying uncertain threats by shifting from signature-based malware detection system to IoT-enabled machine learning signature-less system
16:40Closing summary by Conference Chair
16:45End of Day 1 Conference

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