Global Internet of things (IoT) healthcare market is set to witness a healthy CAGR of 29.65% forecast to 2026. As the pandemic continues, a rapid adoption of telehealth and remote care shows that the technology system is bolstering. The healthcare ecosystem across the world is actively leveraging technologies like cloud computing and AI to develop products and solutions. This session brings to spotlight the latest innovations in healthcare that can enable breakthrough performance and how MedTech can be used for manufacturing smart low-cost devices, build remote consultation platforms, monitoring health wearables and standardizing diagnostics.

Sunday, November 21

13:20Keynote Presentation: Breakthrough in Medical Innovation: Scrutinizing how healthcare leaders are driving new digital technologies, tools and strategies for virtual and collaborative care. Improving medication adherence, virtual care, telehealth by connecting world-class clinical competence, health technology, AI and cloud services. -MedTech and Health Tracking: Realizing how Medical Technology is helping the health industry to save lives
13:35Panel: New era consumer experience and engagement: Strengthening your brand and extending your organization’s reach by integrating latest technologies for engaging consumers, building loyalty and creating innovative customer experiences.
14:20Case Study / Presentation: Exploring the critical role of data, analytics and artificial intelligence which are transforming the healthcare ecosystem. Analyzing the recent and future advances in machine learning that are driving innovation in diagnostics, population health, telemedicine, inpatient monitoring, hospital operations, clinical informatics and medication management.
14:35On-stage Interview: On-stage interview with a well-known MedTech expert.
14:55Panel: Robotic Process Automation: Harnessing the demand for RPA post the pandemic. Heightening the need for RPA that will help businesses maintain efficiency and reduce operational costs.
15:40Startup Showcase | Pitch Competition: Increase your brand exposure, launch new products & services and showcase your innovative business models, product breakthroughs, and digital initiatives that are transforming health care through this exclusive showcase session.
16:40BBTIS2021 Startup Showcase, Pitch Competition and IBY Awards Ceremony
17:10Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:55End of Session and close of BBTIS2021

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